Tooth surface loss (TSL)
The loss of tooth surface can result in the loss of both tooth height and width and can be due to several factors but most common amongst them are erosion, abrasion or attrition.

Dr Birute Bond will diagnose each case to reveal its central cause and then design a treatment regime that not only provides a clinical solution but also gets to the root of the initial cause of the problem.

Occlusal (Bite) rehabilitation
Cases requiring occlusal rehabilitation are amongst the most difficult faced by a dentist and for this reason many general practitioners prefer to refer patients with TMJ, bite, jaw, head and neck problems.

Our restorative dentist in Bristol will analyse the biological and clinical conditions, taking account of the existing and preferred occlusal scheme.

The implications of replacing missing teeth including the choice of materials will also be taken into consideration and presented in a fully explained treatment plan and financial investment, given to both the patient and the referring dentist.

Complex crown & bridgework
When undertaking complex crown and bridge work Birute will complete a full assessment of the patient including a review of the periodontal condition and an occlusal assessment.


This thorough examination enables her to devise the most suitable treatment plan based on the oral environment presented. In such cases aesthetics are normally of prime importance for the patient but we will always aim for a result that is clinically and functionally stable as well as aesthetically pleasing, to give the best long-term outcome for the patient.

Aesthetic rehabilitation
Aesthetics are always a primary concern for patients and to achieve the ultimate aesthetic result, Birute uses the very latest techniques and dental materials.


With the ability to exactly match the shape and shade of the surrounding teeth, Birute, along with her talented dental technician, create fixed and removable restorations of the highest quality that are perfectly natural and lifelike, providing patients with dentistry that is often life-changing.

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