Specialist orthodontic treatment


Invisalign® is the way to straighten teeth without fixed braces.  It uses a series of clear removable aligners to straighten teeth without metal wires or brackets.

Orthodontics patients will need to visit Clare in Bristol once every six weeks to ensure that treatment is progressing as planned.

Total orthodontics treatment time averages nine to fifteen months. 

We offer an intra oral digital scan at every consultation allowing you to see a simulated outcome of how a treated smile could look.

3M™Clarity™ Clear Braces
Clarity™Advanced Braces boast their innovative new, ceramic material that brings an attractive appearance due to the ultra-small translucent brackets. They are designed to blend with one’s natural tooth colour and the system also resists staining and discolouration throughout the treatment.

3M recognise that their ortohdontics patients expect a high level of innovation from their Clarity brackets, and using a patient focused, dome-shaped design; they certainly exceed this expectation.

The smooth, rounded corners that the injection-moulding process can achieve, combined with smaller brackets to minimise soft tissue contact, result in a comfort that’s rare for teeth straightening systems.

Incognito™ braces are one of the only 100% customised fixed appliance system for invisible orthodontics treatment on the UK market today.

Suitable for all ages, the braces are placed lingually, making them invisible to the naked eye.

Incognito™ braces are created using state-of-the-art technology and are completely customised to the shape of the patient's teeth.

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