What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is an area of dentistry which is concerned with inflammatory diseases and conditions associated with the dental pulp (the nerve and blood supply which supplies each tooth) as well as the surrounding tissues of the tooth root.

Pathologies related to the dental pulp are caused by a polymicrobial infection. These infections lead to inflammatory changes within the dental pulp (pulpitis) and ultimate degeneration of the dental pulp.

The ultimate aim of any endodontics procedures is to eliminate the infective organisms in order to restore health and function. 


Benefits of seeing an Endodontics Practitioner

An Endodontics practitioner routinely undertakes root canal treatment procedures and therefore have developed particular skill and expertise in performing such procedures

They have greater experience when dealing with patients in pain and have the ability to manage patients in acute pain.

As well as this, an Endodontics practitioner will have more experience and expertise when dealing with chronic pain related syndromes and therefore has the ability to offer appropriate management.


They have access to specialised equipment as well as the latest imaging and magnification software in order to achieve a positive outcome to your treatment.


Research has confirmed that procedures carried out by an Endodontics practitioner or endodontist have a higher success rate.

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