Dental Implants

What are dental implants?
Tooth loss, at whatever age and for whatever reason, can be a traumatic experience. However, dental implants can now offer a long-term and reliable solution to the problem of missing teeth.

A dental implant is a small titanium post designed to replace the root part of a missing tooth. During treatment the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, usually under local anaesthetic, and once the implant has fully integrated with the bone tissue, it provides a secure, stable foundation onto which a crown, bridge or denture can be attached, providing a long-term, aesthetic solution.

What we can do?
We can carry out dental implants followed by restoration, or, if you prefer, we will return your patient back to you for the restorative phase. Should you choose to restore a case yourself, Dr Razavi is happy to provide mentoring and training at your practice to assist. 

When you refer a patient to SD&IC they will first be offered a free of charge consultation with our Specialist Treatment Coordinator who will be able to give more general information about implants along with investment estimates. If the patient is keen to proceed without this, they can be booked with either Touraj or Rob for a full consultation. 

This consultation allows the clinicians to fully assess the patients clinical and personal needs, from which they will produce a comprehensive treatment plan and investment estimate. This is summarised in a letter to the patient which is also send as a record to the referring dentist.

Transparency of information is vital to ensure a smooth referral journey for the patient and communication with the referring dentist before, during and after treatment is not only vital in creating a lasting referral relationship but also to ensure that the patient receives the best quality care from the referral process.


As well as offering conventional dental implant placement, Touraj and Rob are also able to carry out the following treatments:

Dento-alveolar surgery including:

Wisdom tooth removal

Tooth extraction

Cyst removal/biopsy

Removal of unerupted canines

Canine exposure.
Implant surgery

Hard & soft tissue augmentation including sinus grafts & block grafting.
Peri-implantitis treatment

How can we help you?
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